Neuro-Auricular Therapy (NAT)

Neuro-Auricular Therapy (NAT) is a highly therapeutic treatment that works along the base of the skull and down the upper spine with specialized therapeutic essential oils. NAT is designed to awaken and restore the major nerves that are located at the base of the skull (locus ceruleus and vagal ganglion). These major nerves are connected to the functioning of every organ and area of the body, when they are supported there may be benefits to overall health. It is a relaxing treatment that has shown great promise in supporting the nervous system and functions of the brain.
The 20 minute session is designed for children or anyone who cannot lie or sit for long periods of time. The oils do most of the work when coupled with the 15 minute treatment of applying the oils by massaging along the back of the head and top of the spine. Some energy medicine is also given during this treatment.
The 45 minute session is for someone who wants the full relaxation effects of the treatment with more additional energy medicine. It includes an additional shoulder and scalp massage to assist in relaxation.
**Please wear a tank top that has an open back to the shoulders if you would like to keep a shirt on during the treatment – otherwise you remove your top and are laying face down on the massage table (like a regular massage)
Neuro-Auricular Therapy may be helpful for :
– depression & anxiety
– hyperactivity & Autism spectrum behaviours
– neural issues – Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, paralysis, concussions, loss of speech etc.
– emotional disturbances
– sleep problems
– whiplash, shoulder pain, back pain etc.
– cognitive imbalances, memory loss, fogginess etc.
– immune imbalances
Offered by: Rebecca Tomlinson,  Registered Etheric Health Practitioner, Reiki Master, Clinical Iridologist, & Certified Nutritional Practitioner