Intuitive Counselling

What is Intuitive Counselling?
While very similar in scope to psychotherapy, Intuitive Counselling offers wisdom and insight into one’s difficulties from a more spiritual source. Intuition is used when we may not be conscious of what is blocking us, where even to begin, or when we seek a higher source of understanding. This form of counselling meets you where you are in your life and your belief systems, one often receives affirmation or information that is very appropriate and empowering for you and your life at the present time.
Intuitive Counselling is helpful for:
– any physical, emotional or spiritual healing need
– answering spiritual based questions – what is my purpose? why did certain events occur? what do I need to learn now?
– going through a transition in work or life that you want assurance that you are making the right decision or if there is anything additional you need to know
– getting a “reading” on where you are at in life and if there is any area that you need to be aware of
– receiving affirmation that you are making the right decisions
– when you simply feel confused in your life and need guidance
Many tools can be used in intuitive counselling, usually Rebecca uses her intuitive abilities to receive guidance, but she may also employ the use of a pendulum, oracle cards, or tarot cards to offer confirmation or further insight into the reading.
You will leave an Intuitive Counselling session feeling clear and confident in your life with tools and perspective to live to your highest potential! Intuitive Counselling is incredibly inspiring and empowering, it’s time to live the life your heart desires…..
Offered by: Rebecca Tomlinson,  Registered Etheric Health Practitioner, Reiki Master, Clinical Iridologist, & Certified Nutritional Practitioner