Self Love, Care & Play Day

Date(s) - Apr 14, 2019
12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Being in Balance


Spring is near and it’s time for Renewal!
We invite you to join us for a day of Self Care, Love and Play.

This is the perfect event to attend with a friend!

The Entire Being In Balance Team will be sharing with you some of our most powerful tools to help you become fully Aligned-Body-Mind and Soul.

Our day will begin with a Guided Group Meditation where we all will clearly create our Intentions of Healing, Guidance, Growth and Manifesting.

We all will be tuning into the power of crystals for the day and will be experiencing a Crystal Intention Connection with our specially powered crystal grid.

Each participant will be given a super charged Crystal and assigned to a Crystal Group for the day.

Which group will you be in……?

Releasing with Rhodonite
Manifesting with Milky Quartz
Creating Courage with Carnelian
Growing Love with Green Calcite

Your Crystal Group will go through each specially designed Experience stations that we have created especially for you!

Our Stations include…..

Mini Indian head massage
with Marma point stimulation
with Rhiannon Weston

Being healthy means to have your Doshas in harmony and, according to Ayurvedic teachings, massage helps achieve that goal.
Indian head massage includes working what are called Marma points on the scalp, face, neck and shoulders in order to open up energy channels, balance chakras, and help relieve tension and stress .In this mini treatment you will get a taste of what a relaxing Indian head massage feels like.
A Kansa wand which is an Ayurvedic tool made of bronze used for the healing properties of the metals will be used to stimulate the energy points on your face, neck and shoulders putting your body into a full state of relaxation.

With Cherie Sample RRPr

Cherie will be sharing with you the Healing & Relaxing properties of Reflexology by applying pressure to specific areas in the hands, feet, and ears that will affect certain reflex areas of the body. The benefits of reflexology include its ability to stimulate nerve function, increase energy, boost circulation, induce a deep state of relaxation, and eliminate toxins from the body. Reflexology helps stimulate the central nervous system, prevent migraines and will put you into a deep state of relaxation.

Movement, Art & Play
With Michele Johnston

Michele Johnston will help bring some playfulness, peace and joy to your Inner Child-she’s in there begging to have some fun! Michele will provide materials and guidance to engage in some human spirograph/butterfly wing art (think art + movement. FUN!!), or make your own small piece of art to bring home. Michele will also be offering a ‘blindfold dance break’ in the middle of the day, where she will hold the space and guide us with simple instructions to songs that will make you want to groove!

Oracle Card Readings
With Jennifer Cluley

Jennifer will be receiving messages for your Inner Child! Everyone needs to make the time to re connect with our Inner Child and through her connections with Spirit Jennifer will be providing messages and Insights into how you can nurture and grow this much needed connection.
Through the use of oracle cards, Jennifer will help you receive a message from your inner child. More specifically, you will find out what your inner child wants you to know this day for your highest good.

With Rebecca Tomlinson

Rebecca Tomlinson will be offering a Satsang, a spiritual discussion. Creating a space to listen to higher wisdom and present questions that have been sitting on your heart. In a Satsang we hold divine loving space for each other, Rebecca is a seasoned facilitator and will lead the discussion to be most helpful for all present. This gathering is to be uplifting, inspiring and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on your purpose.

Messages from Spirit
With Medium Jodi Jones

Jodi will be connecting with her Team of Guides and Angels to bring through messages for you from Spirit. It may be that you need to hear from a Loved One in Spirit who you are missing or maybe the focus of your Reading needs to be all about you from a Spirit Guide?!
Be sure that only messages that are for your highest good will be given. And Spirit has a very powerful way of making sure you get what you need to hear.

Investment: $90
Date: Sunday April 14th ,2019
Time: 12:30pm-3:30pm
Location: Being In Balance-155 Main Street West-Side Entrance. Shelburne Ontario

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