Natural Medicine Practitioner

Rebecca Tomlinson PIC BIO sizedRebecca Tomlinson,
BA (Health Studies), Certified Spiritual Healer, Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP), Clinical Iridologist, & Diploma in Vibrational Medicine

Rebecca lives and breathes holistic living. I have devoted my life to serving others through the healing arts; to teach that we are all meant to have a most joyful, purposeful and miraculous life! Since beginning my practice in early 2007 I have seen so many clients receive a happier way of living and new levels of health, I am also an instructor at a leading nutrition college across Canada, been a public speaker and have run many workshops. Teaching peace, happiness & healthy living is my ultimate passion!
During my sessions I offer a synergistic blend of modalities:

– Miraculous Life Coaching – Intuitive Counselling to allow your acceptance to live a miraculous life!
– Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Consulting – working with physical/mental discomforts through food, supplements & lifestyle
– Iridology – a non-invasive assessment tool to determine weaknesses & dysfunction in the body through looking at the eyes
– Psychosomatic Assessment – Determining the emotional and spiritual purpose of disease and weakness in the body/mind
– Energy Medicine – using a variety of energy medicine techniques to facilitate true healing, aligning the chakras & meridians
– Visual Diagnosis – ancient Chinese & Ayurvedic methods of assessing the vitality of the body
– Vibrational Medicine Remedies – creating remedies with a healing frequency to align the bodies systems
– Conflict Resolution – resolving conflicts within one’s self, relationships or one’s environment
– Teacher of the A Course In Miracles – a framework for living a joyous and miraculous life

Each session focuses on what YOU need as the client to activate a new level of health and happiness in line with your personal goals and lifestyle. I have worked with people with many physical discomforts; from digestive issues to highly degenerative diseases, mental health issues, addictions, difficult relationships, and those looking for happiness and purpose. My focus is to work with those that are willing to accept a higher awareness and live a life they love! Life is meant to be happy, that is not only what we are built for but it is our birthright…. let us work together to release all that seems to stand in the way of your experience of peace and joy.

I would be most honoured to work with you!