Cherie Sample RRPr

I started a journey of self discovery back in 2000 and on this journey I have taken many self improvement courses including Personal Mastery and Leadership Development.
I am a graduate of Klemmer and Associates where I gained some very valuable insights to help me reveal the belief systems that were preventing me from creating results in life. I would love to share my insights with you to help you on your personal journey!
I have always had the desire to do better and I have always wanted to help people as far back as I can remember.I’ve been on my own personal healing journey and through taking many spiritual development courses and having many great teachers I continue to do my own soul work so that I can better help others.
I am so excited to share that I am a recent graduate of the Holt School of Natural Healing and am now a Registered Reflexology practitioner!
The services that I will be offering are:
Did you know that Reflexology is covered by some private insurance policies?
I would love to help you relax and release all of your stress through the powerful healing that Reflexology provides!
ANY 60 Minute session with me and your choice of Reflexology(Head ,Feet and hands) Body Reflexology(whole body) or Aroma Flex( head,neck ,shoulders,arms)
for ONLY $40.00!
To book an appointment please call 519-925-1999 or email at
I can’t wait to help you start your healing journey!
Cherie Sample RRPr