Brenda Beattie-Gray

I’d have to say that some of my most important life lessons began with my journey into motherhood. This was one of the most challenging experiences that I have had to face and it was a good start into a very interesting time of my life. And through this journey I have been led on the path of transformation.

My formal studies started in 2005 when I change my thoughts about food, I started by studying food and cleansing. I exchange the food that I was eating which was food promoted as healthy from all the diet programmes that I was using as my guidance. But what I didn’t know was that the diet industry does not want us thin and healthy and knowledgeable, they will not be in business if we were educated. Once I cleaned up my families diet and saw results, I tried a cleanse and detox and got rid of my allergies, arthritis, high blood pressure and was able to sleep through the night and no more heartburn. I was ecstatic I was feeling really good and wanted to take it further. I was looking into ways to eat and found that all the information in the mainstream was all about taking things away and not giving us a replacement or something better. I shed 150 lbs off of my body and for the first time I was doing it with a sense of well being and not feeling like I was deprived of every good thing in this world.. Food is life, and when you can’t eat what you like because the world tells you that it is bad for you, it really takes a toll on your self esteem and your well being… plus trying to live up to someone else’s expectation of what my body should look like and how much I weight.

I was lead to the Law of attraction and the Secret at this time… this was groundbreaking for me. It gave me my power back, showed me I had choices to do better. I started to trust my instincts and intuition. I enrolled in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and started immediately realizing the thing that was missing for me is the mind, body, spirit connection. I learned about Louise Hay’s work and read her life changing book ” You can heal your life” . This fuelled  my passion for knowledge about the connection between what we eat and think about food changes the way food reacts in your body. I learned so much about the body and how it works that I now have a strong understanding on what it takes to be healthy and vital. After graduating in 2009 from Nutrition school, I followed up with chakra balancing and Reiki healing and energy medicine. I learned that health comes differently to everyone and as long as you are feeling good you are on the right track. In 2015 I took Louise’s workshop facilitators course for “Heal Your Life” and I am excited to start sharing this important information as a “Louise Hay Workshop Facilitator”