Rebecca Tomlinson,BA

Rebecca Tomlinson is a Registered Etheric Health Practitioner, Reiki Master, Clinical Iridologist, & Certified Nutritional Practitioner.

Rebecca has devoted her life to holistic and peaceful living, this is not only her profession but her lifestyle! She has spent 7 years in formal education, 10 years in practice and her entire personal life honing her skills to be of the greatest service to those guided to work with her. She has been an instructor at a leading holistic college for many years, led dozens of workshops and seminars, and is considered an upcoming leader in the field of Spiritual Life Coaching.

Rebecca has an incredible natural talent at creating a welcoming and safe environment for her clients where they feel at ease to be honest and open about their healing journey. Each session is completely geared towards the deepest needs of each client, where Rebecca offers insights into making happier and natural living accessible.
She offers a various services and workshops at Being in Balance:




30 minutes – $30
60 minutes – $60
90 minutes – $90
Accessible/Student Rate – available upon request
30 minutes – $20
60 minutes – $40
Raindrop Therapy (60 minutes)
20 minutes (NAT only) – $30
60 minutes – $65


Testimonials of working with Rebecca:

“Rebecca is a truly loving person, she has helped me to see the blessings in every situation good and bad. I have spent years fighting depression and anxiety, I have never truly felt peace until working with Rebecca. My daughter and I look forward to our time with her.”
~D.H, Shelburne
“I met Rebecca in August 2012, it was a true blessing. I was in a challenging time in my life and I felt like I was drowning with no way out. The moment I met this incredible woman I was instantaneously at ease, she has a way about her that makes you believe in YOU. Rebecca is very self-assured which I find to be a great quality, conscientious, very loving, very caring, soft spoken, intelligent, funny and not to mention trusting. Anyone who has the pleasure to work with Rebecca will truly be transformed and find themselves grow in ways not previously thought possible (speaking from personal experience of course). Rebecca is still very much part of my life and I am grateful for that everyday, she is a true gem, a beautiful soul that shines! Lastly, she is always, I mean ALWAYS there to help in any way that she can”
~ J.K, Burlington